Suriname – Competitiveness and Sector Diversification Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and Social Management Framework (English)


The development objective of Competitiveness and Sector Diversification Project is to facilitate private investment and strengthen value chains in targeted industries in Suriname. Some of the negative impacts include: (i) groundwater pollution; (ii) destruction of flora and fauna habitat; (iii) soil and land degradation: (iv) excessive agrochemical use; (v) air pollution; (vi) noise pollution; (vii) operational health and safety issues for workers; and (viii) degradation of heritage sites; (ix) loss of biodiversity. Some of the mitigation measures include: (i) install impermeable lining on or below soil; (iii) land contouring and slope stabilization; (iv) use only when necessary and switch to IPM; (v) use low-emission equipment; (vi) use low-noise equipment; (vii) OHS training; (viii) relocate activity to avoid such sensitive site; and (ix) compensate local loss by gain at other location.


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