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Round Table: Productivity and Economic Growth: The Suriname Case, Paramaribo, August 30, 2017

      Productiviteitsverhoging   A Nat Comp Strategy for Sur 5 Final Version 15 March 2014 DIA_booklet_eng The age of Productivity Private sector, competitiveness and productivity Study_Enhancing ProductivityandGrowth_2017Study_ Enhancing ProductivityandGrowth_ 2017SurinameProductivityWanted Entrepreneurs Wat is Productiviteit in VSB Magazine zie de pag 17-21

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CUS UPDATE 23 MEI 2016 Appendix 1 Action Plan for Initiating Economic Transformation Appendix 2. Action Plan for Improving Suriname’s Doing Business Ranking Appendix 3. Action Plan for Improving Suriname’s Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) Ranking Appendix 4. Background to Suriname’s Competitiveness Challenges Final–Evaluation report Suriname Framework for private sector development IDBDOCS-#38918500-v1-POD_-_EEO#_7_-_Economic_Analysis MATRIX modernisering wetgeving Results

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